Monday, December 18, 2017

It's cool to be kind

Last week the International community of the kids' school spread their love again at the Holiday Bazaar. The organising team had even chosen a theme: "It's cool to be kind". I was happy to support their cause by participating with a Christmas gift stall. Admittedly, I had a secret Santa in the US who supplied me with lots of glittery ornaments.

Walking through the gates half an hour before school started I was greeted by Christmas carols sounding out of the Principal's office adding an extra spring to my walk, despite feeling a bit under the weather. I passed little messages of kindness and love along the wall of the Primary school before I entered the gym that had been decked out from top to bottom with Holiday cheer by the good fairies that worked until late last night to make this an unforgettable experience for the little ones.

Sure enough one class after the next came through the gym admiring all the handmade merchandise that was at offer. Many parents had been busy for weeks crafting, creating, teaching and learning from each other sharing experiences and traditions that form this supportive community.

The children did not know which stall to visit first as their eyes tried to take it all in. The little ones needed help with their coins while the big ones already bargained. I overheard one little boy tell his mum: "Look I bought you this lovely jar so you can make me home-made jam." That's what I call Christmas spirit.

Home-made jingle bell hairbands

Fancy a little gift box?

You always need a pompom keyring.

Giant paper wind mills

You are so smart!

Recycling a tomato basket

 Many clever hands have been at work here. 

Original gift boxes

Paper flowers in my favourite colours

Feeling the love

Christmas tree decorations

It's cool to be kind

It's all in the tradition

Candles in recycled yoghurt glasses

Recycled Christmas wrapping paper

Delicate paper stars: big and small

Colourful gift boxes made from toilet rolls

Couldn't resist these little fellas

These decorative nutcrackers were a hit with the kids... who knew?!?

Candy cane got everyone dreaming since it is hard to come by in Paris. 

It is definitely cool to be kind! 

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