Friday, December 22, 2017

Dreaming of a Swiss Christmas tree

Attempting to render my tree completely unique with a selection of beautiful Swiss Christmas tree decorations, I was in search of baubles in bright colours, unique novelty ornaments and the ultimate tree toppers during my recent visit to Zürich.

I was lucky and stumbled across all kinds of exquisitely Swiss Christmas tree decorations... unfortunately the baubles were over 25.- Euros a piece.

Therefore, my traditional tree decor from the past years has made its reappearance but I have added a stunning centrepiece this festive season: an Eiffel Tower tree topper acquired from a street vendor at Trocadero for 3 Euros!

Starting out my quest for Swiss Christmas tree ornaments in Zürich's trendy department store
... the colour is right but the price is not!

Swiss Edelweiss hearts

Swiss Alpine motives

Swiss "Decoupage" baubles

Would I really want a cow hanging from my tree?

Edelweiss, Seilbähnli and and hiking shoe make me feel homesick!

Rhätische Bahn miniature and an Alphorn bring back childhood memories.

These chocolate bars are not to eat and much too expensive for my taste!

A little piece of Swiss real estate hanging from the tree.

I could just use cookie cutters as tree decoration?!? 

My grand acquisition for this year!

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