Thursday, September 19, 2013

Language Apps for Expat Kids

Although children pick up new languages more rapidly than adults, some can find learning how to speak in a foreign tongue a chore. There are dozens of apps aimed at making learning languages easier and more fun, but some are better suited to children than others. Here’s my pick of some of the best.

This app is currently available in over seven languages, including German, French and Spanish. Through the use of visual flashcards your child can learn over 500 common words and phrases. Audio clips from native speakers also ensure that their pronunciation is word perfect.:

A fantastic free app which uses engaging exercises (like word jumbles) to make learning foreign grammar and vocabulary enjoyable. As it’s mainly text based it’s more suitable for older children, but the quizzes included in the app offer a great way for parents and children to learn together:

Okay, this app might not be the most sophisticated, and it isn’t a typical language app, but it sure is fun. Your child can use this app to record themselves saying foreign words and phrases and then have them repeated back in ‘high squeaky’ and ‘low freaky’ voices. A great way of learning words/basic phrases and making your child giggle at the same time:

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