Friday, September 20, 2013

A must try for all Swiss Germans - Dialäkt App

Ever heard of an app that recognizes which part of Switzerland you come from, all on the basis of your dialect? Well, here it is. Researchers at the University of Zurich have developed the "Dialäkt App" for the iPhone.

The application is simple: You answer 16 questions about your own use of language and depending on your answers the "Dialäkt App» will delineate the origin of the dialect. There are some questions about vocabulary. For example: "What do you call the remnant of an apple?" Bütschgi, of course, would be my answer! Many questions, however, boil down to the nuances in the pronunciation of a word.

The makers of this app are hoping to work with the users. "Does the app define a dialect of your own origin?" You will be asked to verify this. "Was the origin of the App's dialect defined accurately or inaccurately?" The user is encouraged to send the correct information to the creators and thus helping to improve the map of dialects.

For all you Swiss German speakers out there, join SRF-presenter Nick Hartmann as he tests the "Dialäkt App" with his colleagues. Beware this is very Swiss! It certainly made me smile....

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Anonymous said...

I will show this article to my husband , he will understand the differences between the dialects..

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