Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lugano Real Estate Agents

“Moving on, is a simple thing, what it leaves behind is hard.”
 Dave Mustaine

Springtime not only brings out the flowers, blooms and strawberries (yes, we are big "Fragole" lovers) but the season also uproots many expatriates who start planning their move from one place to another over the summer period in order to fit in with childrens' scholastic calendar.

I have received quite a few requests via my blog over the last couple of weeks from people who are considering moving to Lugano.

With these readers in mind, I have posted more logistical information over the past days and will continue doing so up until Easter. I have written about Shipping companies, Supermarkets and the Cost of living in Switzerland. Furniture stores, Kitchen outfitters and tips for moving to Switzerland will follow soon.

Below you'll find a list of Real Estate agents that I have worked with in the past either to buy or to sell our house. Remember Lugano is a small town so make sure you don't waste time visiting the same house twice, especially if you are only flash-visiting and need to decide on the spot. Been there, done that! ;)

The two largest Real Estate websites in Switzerland are: www.homegate.ch and www.Immoscout.ch. Just click on the link, chose your region and you're surfing.

By the way, our house is also on the market. Click her to take a peek inside: Villa for sale in Lugano.

Good luck househunting!

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