Sunday, April 3, 2011

Local shipping companies

If you are thinking of moving to or from Ticino and need some logistical advice you have come to the right spot. The following companies promise Network hubs, Ocean Freight connections, Road feeder service, Expert assistance and flexible solutions. So, try your luck and have them send you a quote according to your specific needs.

Following is a list of regular freight forwarders who are based in Chiasso or Balerna, close to the Italian border:

Schneider Moving Excellence
Zürcher & Co.
Fischer & Rechsteiner

Beware of how strict customs regulations are coming from your country or going to wherever you are. Make sure to prepare the correct documentation (pro forma invoices and declaration of personal moving goods). Otherwise you might get assessed VAT and duties upon customs clearance at destination.


Anonymous said...

There's an other very nice exposition at Museo Cantonale in Via Canova, I suggest you to go to visit it

Sweet European Dreams said...

hi! You mentioned that you were in Switzerland, but you didn't say LUGANO!!! My best friend (and travel buddy) lives just outside of Zurich, and our favorite travel spots are Lugano and Florence. How wonderful it must be for you to wake up in Lugano every single day?! Thanks so much for stopping by my page this weekend. -diane

Expat with Kids said...

@anonymous: Thank you so much for your tip. Exhibitions looks great. Will be posted this week. :)
@sweet european dreams: if you discovered the Sprüngli shop in Zürich you've seen it all!!!! ;)

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