Sunday, March 11, 2018

Young Swiss Abroad Summer Camps

Nearly 760,000 Swiss citizens are currently living in another country, either temporarily or for a longer period. The holiday camps run by the Foundation for Young Swiss Abroad (FYSA) have a long history.

The Foundation for Young Swiss Abroad:
- is a registered Swiss charity that offers Swiss children living abroad the opportunity to have a holiday in their home country, irrespective of their financial circumstances, thereby creating strong links with Switzerland.
- is an organisation that brings together Swiss children from all seven continents, allowing them to form new friendships and ties.The organisation promotes mutual understanding and support that transcends cultural and linguistic barriers.
- provides help for Swiss children living in areas affected by natural disasters and conflict

The main aim of our holiday camps is to allow Swiss children living abroad to get to know their home country for the first time or, for those who have visited Switzerland before, to get to know the country better. They will visit and look at many of Switzerland’s sights. The attractions will include cities, countryside, mountains, caves, lakes, rivers, etc. They might do some easy hikes but will also be travelling by train, bus and ship.

Each camp is led by an experienced camp leader. The camp leader is supported by an efficient kitchen team and several well qualified counsellors. In each camp at least half of the camp leaders have a federal qualification as camp leader J+S Lagersport/trekking.

As for the language, participants come from all over the world and speak a wide range of languages. The team of leaders carry out the programmes in German, French and English. So the camp language does not depend on the language spoken in the camp location.

The holiday camps will be held in simple but well-equipped houses. Children will be accommodated in rooms with three to eight beds depending on the house and will eat together with the whole camp family.

Requirements: 1.) The child or one parent must be a Swiss citizen. 2.) The child must reside abroad.

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