Friday, March 9, 2018

Pink your life

Think pink and get fit! Have you heard of the latest kid in town called Boutique Fitness Studio Pinkenergy? Well, it is all it promises to be; it will rev up your energy in a cloud of pink!

Pinkenergy's mission is to help every woman, at any stage of her life, find her own psychophysical wellbeing through personalized training programs and lessons in small groups. Pinkenergy wants to be not only a place to exercise, but a real community where women can recharge, help each other,  exchange views and regain their energy to live a healthy and peaceful life.

You can try a Pinkenergy Cardio Sculpt or even join a Wonder Women's Workout. Or how about a Pinkenergy Mum & Baby Pilates? Whatever your choice it is guaranteed to be healthy and fun. Pinkenergy's motto is: "ENERGY ALWAYS"!

Venue: Boutique Fitness Studio Pinkenergy
Where: Via Pico 29, 6900 Lugano – Cassarate
Tel: 091 970 36 92

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