Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The SWISS feeling of home

When your friend celebrates a big birthday there are no excuses not to party, no matter how far away she lives. Friendship is a precious gift and life is worth celebrating.

With that in mind I travelled to Lugano from Paris for a weekend and treated myself to flying straight to Ticino with SWISS rather than the usual easyjet to Milano Malpensa and then having to trek up from Italy. And what a treat it was...

Taking Switzerland with me from now on...

A little treat from the Lugano tourist office... a traditional Easter "colomba" nicely wrapped up in a mini-suitcase! Ready for take-off!

A spectacular bird's view onto Lugano

Silserli und Süessmost... the chocolate was eaten before taking off.

Sunset over Lago Ceresio bordering with Italy. 

A U-turn and we are traversing the snowy peaks of the Swiss Alps.

Thank you SWISS for making me feel at home all the way to Paris Charles de Gaulle.

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