Tuesday, July 26, 2016

When being an Expat does not work

Becoming an expatriate is as exciting as it is frightening. A new life away from home brings all kinds of new challenges. From new food and drinks to new habits and rituals. But you also encounter expat problems. Common expat problems are loneliness, cultural differences, sorting out health care, cost of living, finding proper schools for children, learning the language and relationship problems.

Here is an info graph about some issues an expat might come across. No, it is not always a smooth ride...

Those who make the move with a spouse face problems of their own. Some worry that their partner or family doesn’t seem happy with the decision. A travelling spouse may well have given up a career and suffered from a loss of income, which can affect the dynamic of the relationship. A large proportion of travelling spouses (65%) are unhappy with being financially dependent on their partner and 45% are concerned by the loss of financial independence.

Other factors can also have a negative impact: 52% of travelling spouses say their partner is always working long hours, 51% feel they are expected to organise all the practical aspects of their life abroad and 27% feel discriminated against because of their gender, an issue far more prevalent among women.

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A Momma's View said...

Hi there from a fellow Swiss expat living in Australia. Many obstacles to overcome for sure.

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