Friday, July 29, 2016

Swiss National Day

August 1st is a day of celebration in the whole of Switzerland. The date is inspired by the Rütlischwur, in the summer of 1291, when three Alpine cantons (Schwyz, Uri and Unterwalden) swore the oath of confederation, an action which later came to be regarded as the foundation of Switzerland.

Different commemorative ceremonies will take place in Lugano, culminating in the speech of a prestigious guest in the Piazza della Riforma and a big fireworks show along the lake.

Here is the programme:

06:00 Reveille with the Drums
10:15 Meeting of the authorities in the Patio of the Town Council
10:30 Laying of the wreath at the Monument of Independence
11:00 Concert of the Castagnola Philharmonic Orchestra in Piazza della Riforma
20:30 Meeting of the Authorities and Associations of Via Nassa
20:45 Departure of the cortege of the Authorities (Route: Via Nassa, Piazza Battaglini, Riva Vela, Rivetta Tell, Via Canova, Via degli Albrizzi, Piazza Manzoni, Piazza Riforma)
21:15 Commemorative speech of Piero Martinoli, President of Università della Svizzera italiana
21:45 Concert in Piazza della Riforma by the Civic Philharmonic of Lugano
22:30 Grand fireworks display
23:15 Musical entertainment with Lüganiga Band in the city centre

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