Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Best of Paris: Expat Blog nomination

Some of you know that I have moved to Paris a few years ago although I continue to return to Lugano regularly. My blogging passion allows me to share these two wonderful spots on earth through Expat with Kids and Expats with Kids in Paris.

I am totally excited and feel immensely honoured to have made it to Expatriates Magazine's list of "Best Expat blog in Paris" nomination. I am competing with sixteen other Parisian bloggers some of which are seriously heavyweight such as David Leibovitz, Inspirelle, Mama loves Paris and Les Lolos.

My best score two weeks ago was 14% honing in at No.2. In the meantime I have slipped down to 2% just ahead of Thank you Paris and Best Adventure but it doesn't matter.

What matters is the confirmation that people out there are reading my blog and I am on the radar of the Parisian Expat blog scene! A fact I still have difficulty in believing for some reason but I do not know why!

Maybe from now on I will start answering that I AM a blogger next time someone asks me what I do! After nearly six years of blogging it has still not quite entered my mind that I might actually be a real blogger after all rather than just blogging!!!

The vote is still on, so go ahead and make my day!

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