Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The world is as big or as small as you make it

This is a video worth watching about a group of North Philadelphia local kids that gather at a rec centre to participate in an innovative program where they forge friendships with their peers across the world.

These students need to go through a metal detector every day at school. Despite a difficult environment they tell and listen to stories of the world that 10 years ago they wouldn't have had the opportunity to be exposed to.

This amazing bunch of kids are blessed with having an awesome mentor who wants to spread empathy and understanding by connecting teenagers. She decides to "retool" what the kids already have.

She guides them to ask real questions and learn about what separates them and what unites them. As they connect with kids from New York, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Paris and Kazakhstan, they discover that their worlds are not as different as they might think.

"The World Is As Big Or As Small As You Make It" | Sundance Institute.

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