Sunday, February 2, 2014

Are YOU an International school kid?

Over the past few weeks an article has been making its rounds on the net defining an International school kid. If you have moved around and lived in different countries, this will make you smile.

Just a few points before you click on the link:

- The best thing about being an International school kid is that you can honestly say you have friends from all around the world.

- When you arrive at an International school you enter with one accent…but you leave with about seven.

- Missing school to get your visa sorted was just as common as going to the doctor.

- When people ask you where you’re from, it’s sorta tricky to answer.

- When you talk to non-International school kids, you realise how ridiculous the stuff you got to do at school was… like the time you went to the Louvre aged 10 and hated it.

- Sometimes school would be cancelled for dramatic reasons like bombs threats and demonstrations.

- HOWEVER, nothing beat the feeling of finding a kid in school who spoke the same native language as you.


Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

Sarah has only been an international school kid for 3 years so far, but starting next year she will add 3-4 more years... let's see how many of these she can relate to ;-)

Expat with Kids said...

You'll be smiling once she hits secondary! ;)

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