Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Safety in Paradise

So far, I have not had the pleasure of flying Air New Zealand but judging by their latest onboard safety video it sure looks tempting.

Air New Zealand has a bit of a reputation when it comes to safety videos. Previous versions of the video - starring anything from Hobbits to Bear Grylls to New Zealand's all conquering All Blacks rugby team - have revolutionized the on-board safety message airlines deliver to passengers.

Their latest version (released on Tuesday) has gone viral, however, it has hit some turbulence after the airline teamed up with Sports Illustrated magazine to produce what it's calling "the world's most beautiful safety video."

Fun or offensive, either way, Air New Zealand actually get their customers watching and interpreting and internalizing their safety messages, better than - I would argue - anyone else, because they get their attention with the video.

I sure wouldn't mind a little creativity and fantasy in those monotonous but nevertheless vitally important onboard videos. You decide what looks better: Cooks Island or the Sports Illustrated Models?

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