Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Lugano's children carnival 2014

Lugano celebrates its carnival called Carnevale "Ul Sbroja" with a programme of events that animates the city during the entire carnival period. It begins the week before "Mardi Gras" with the visit of the King and Queen Sbroja to various nursing homes.

On Thursday the procession of Lugano's school children is held, which is followed by the delivery of the city keys to the rulers. Next Monday there will be the classic risotto offered to the population in Piazza della Reforma.

The childrens' carnevale is the occasion for a great party for children, teens and adults! A chance to spend an afternoon of joy and pure fun! Don't miss the departure of the local city schools' parade accompanied by 3 Guggenmusic bands in Piazza Riforma at 2pm.

At 15:30 - arrival in Piazza della Reforma - a snack will be provided for everyone and you'll be able to assist the handing over of the keys to the King and Queen Sbroja.

Venue: Carnevale dei bambini
Where: Piazza Riforma Lugano
When: Thursday, February 27th, 2014
Time: 14:00

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