Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Carnival outfits for kids

Are you ready for the most important event of the year? You knew Brazil has a carnival tradition and that Basel and Luzern have a long-standing love affair with Carnival but did you know that the Ticino also has its history with this annual festival?

Well, Soazza started celebrating last Tuesday, while Goss Lostallo starts today. "Rabadan", Bellinzona's carnival, starts on February 27th and is Ticino's biggest event. Lugano's "Ul Sbroja" kick-off date is February 24th, 2014.

The local schools usually celebrate Carnevale and your kids will not want to miss the fun of dressing up and walking around town. If you are still searching for a costume, here are some places to shop:

L'Allegra Bottega in Tesserete:
Patchwork in Bellinzona:

Or else, the online option is:

For a list of all Ticino Carnevale dates click here:

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