Thursday, January 16, 2014

MusicNet Lugano 2014

If you like music and are searching for a different and quirky activity this weekend, why not head down to the Centro Esposizioni in Lugano.

MusicNet is the only Expo-Event in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland entirely dedicated to music.
A unique trade show that brings together different generations and proposals, all connected to music and the many ways to experience it, under the same roof: exhibitors’ booths, show cases, concerts, shows, workshops, dance contests and performances without neglecting arts and leisure. The growing success of MusicNet, that in January 2014 will open its doors for the fifth year in a row, has brought over 18,000 visitors last year.

The trade show has a wide area for exhibitors working in the music industry such as radios, music and instruments stores, bands, music schools, dance schools, labels and artisans that will have the opportunity to display and promote their products.

Concerts and showcases featuring local groups and renowned international guests will take place in the main hall. An area is dedicated to dance fostered by Ritmo Costante where youths and adults will have the chance to learn different dances through workshops, show cases, entertainment, performances, contests and much more.

There are many proposals for the youngest ones as well, who will be introduced to the thrilling world of music by involving them in creative workshops and other activities.

Venue: MusicNet Lugano
Where: Centro Esposizioni, Via Campo Marzio, 6900 Lugano
When: Friday, Jan 17th from 18:00 to 01:00
Saturday, Jan 18th from 14:00 to 01:00
Sunday, Jan 19th from 14:00 to 22:00
Price: Single entry ticket CHF 10.-, 3 days ticket CHF 23.-

Here's the programme:
18:00 - Inaugurazione con taglio del nastro da parte dell’Onorevole Lorenzo Quadri. Madrina dell'evento: Iris Monè.
18:20 - Apertura area espositiva
19:30 - Palco ai Giovani Winter Session
22:15 - Alma Latina
23:30 - DREAMSHADE in concerto
00:30 - After Party allo Studio Foce

14:30 - Palco ai Giovani Winter Session
21:30 - Laccioland Company (estratto dallo spettacolo Cre/Azione)
22:30 - Contest di breaking
23:30 - THE ELECTRIC SWING CIRCUS in concerto
00:30 - After Party allo Studio Foce

14:30 - Palco ai Giovani Winter Session
14:30 - Zumba Party con Jorge Borja
20:30 - La Milonga
23:30 - THE DI MAGGIO CONNECTION in concerto

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