Monday, October 28, 2013

Zircus Knie is in Lugano

As the days become shorter and the fog descends onto Lugano, not only has autumn knocked on the door but also ... the circus Knie is coming to town.

Circus Knie is back at the Cornaredo with its new show called “Emotions”. For the 95th time the family Knie is touring around Switzerland.

When the “Cirque National Suisse” took its name in 1919, it was already the fourth generation. The Circus Knie goes back to the beginning of the 19th century, more exactly to 1803!  Today Circus Knie is like an institution in Switzerland. Who has not heard or been once to a circus performance or visited the children’s zoo in Rapperswil. Circus Knie is run by the two brothers Freddy and Franco Knie. Their wives, sons, daughters, grand-children and extended families all take part a way or another in the performances or work at the tent or with the animals.

Just like the title of the new program “Emotions”, you can expect to go through various states of mind during the two hour show. You will laugh, feel excitement, be joyful, be scared, feel thrills and most of all be in admiration.

So, hurry to buy your tickets. Click here!
For a detailed programme click here!

Venue: Circus Knie
Where: Pratone di Trevano (next to Stadio Cornaredo), Via Giacomo E Filippo Ciani, 6900 Lugano
When: November 14th to 17th, 2013
Time: Thursday: 20h15, Friday: 15h00 et 20h15, Saturday: 13h30, 17h00 and 20h30, Sunday: 10h30, 14h30 and 18h00

The Circus Knie in numbers:
Tours Switzerland every year for 8 months
Started in March in Rapperswil and will end on Nov. 17th in Lugano
Gives over 350 performances
Visits over 40 places
Covers 3500 km
100 people needed to install the big tent and work at the buffet and at Landiwiese zoo
50 artists work for the Circus
66 people at every performance in addition to the artists
100 caravans come with the circus where many live

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