Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fun ideas for Halloween decoration

Pumpkins with Faces

Make 'em laugh! It doesn't take much to transform a parade of pumpkins into a casual crew. For noses, a carrot or root vegetable adds character; other facial features come courtesy of a marker and paper cutouts. Scour the house for an old hat and sunglasses to round out the display.

Spiderweb Doormat

Set the mood and welcome guests with this easy doormat idea. First, cut a 3x4-foot mat into a 36-inch diameter circle with heavy shears. Using chalk, draw a spiderweb on the mat. Cut pieces of clothesline to fit your design. Singe the ends of the clothesline to keep it from fraying. Use heavy-duty white glue to adhere the pieces to the mat, covering the chalk lines.

Glittery Pumpkins

Add some glam to your indoor pumpkin decor with a bit of glue and glitter in this fun Halloween crafts project. To make this shimmering faux pumpkin arrangement, use a paintbrush to coat strips of each pumpkin with clear-drying white crafts glue. Add glitter to the pumpkin, working in small sections at a time so the layer of glue doesn't dry out.

Spooky No-Sew Cat Tablecloth

This hair-raising tablecloth can be made in minutes with our scaredy-cat pattern, available below. Download our free pattern and cut out the cat shapes from black felt. Attach the shapes to a large piece of gold felt using fusible web or fabric glue to finish the tablecloth.
Get the free scaredy-cat pattern.

Jack-o'-Lantern Luminarias

These no-fuss pumpkin face decorations require no messy pumpkin carving and can be made in minutes. Cut the smiling pumpkin faces from black cardstock and tape the shapes to orange cardstock that has been cut to fit the lantern panels. The finished product will brighten railings or steps during the day, but can also light up the night when you put battery-operated candles or flashlights inside the lanterns. For a longer-lasting decoration, put the jack-o'-lantern faces behind the lantern's glass panels.
Download a face stencil.

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