Thursday, October 3, 2013

Train the world

3 teams - 4 weeks - 6 continents

They have buried treasure, conquered mountains, brought mammoths back to life and put themselves at the mercy of Switzerland’s wild and dangerous animals. They have boldly put their survival skills to the test and, with polonaises on the train and International BBQs, brought a smile to many people’s faces.

I am talking about the three teams that won the TRAIN THE WORLD competition and are now being sent straight off on their incredible journey. So, from 19 October, Team Wanderlust, The Package and Team Funa are really going to TRAIN THE WORLD and you can read all about it by following their blogs:

They will travel in pairs across two continents over a period of four weeks – taking the train much of the way. Travel costs, equipment and spending money will all be taken care of.

In return, the teams will be reporting on the preparations for their trip and writing daily blogs from mid-October about their travel adventures. The winning teams will not only tackle local challenges but also the tasks set by the online community.

The Wanderlust guys are travelling in Asia and Australia, The Package! have got Africa's wild animals to look forward to and the Funa team are packing for North and South America, where their trip will take them over one or more peaks.

In the coming weeks the three teams will be blogging about their travel preparations on this very site. So keep an eye on it!

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