Monday, October 21, 2013

Be Drop Dead Gorgeous - Halloween Make Up

Looking for Halloween make-up ideas I came across a UK site. The tutorials with the super talented Emma Pickles are simple and fast . You don't need a great deal of make up just a few sponges and some inspiration. You'll be on a roll and off to spook out your neighbours and friends. Have fun.

Sexy witch:
Using lime green face paint and red lipstick for maximum impact!

Scary doll:
Create a scary but cute look! Include big eyelashes and wig.

Zombie bride:
Create a Halloween bride makeup look which could be used for a zombie bride, a ghost bride or a corpse bride costume.

Skeleton make up:
Create a scull look with a difference for Halloween, so you'll be sure to stand out.


Cristine Douglas said...

Wow, these creepy Halloween makeup tutorials are so awesome! They turned out so amazing. Thanks for sharing!

Expat with Kids said...

Glad I could share the spirit of Halloween!

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