Friday, June 29, 2012

Longlake Festival Lugano 2012

The beating heart of the Lugano summer is once again the LongLake Festival. Over 200 events and outstanding guests are enlivening the city, its squares, streets and parks each and every day for almost a month.

The 2nd International Festival proposes entertainment, theatre and dance shows, concerts as well as a lot of activities for kids. To better acquaint yourself with the ongoing events, the LongLake Festival has been split in six thematic sections: Lugano International Festival, Lugano Buskers Festival, Urban Art Lugano, Lugano Family, Estival Jazz, Lugano Words Festival and many other sideWave events.

INTERNATIONAL (28.06-22.07)
offers a rich programme with pop and classical music concerts, theatre, movie and cabaret shows, master classes and many internationally renowned guests.

BUSKERS (18.07-22.07)
pays homage to street art proposing folk, rock, jazz, indie and classical concerts, theatre and puppet shows as well as other original and innovative artistic performances.

AUL (28.06-22.07)
proposes a variety of arts initiatives aimed at connecting the residents with to the urban background.

FAMILY (28.06-22.07)
offers a wide choice of events for families and children: fairy tales readings, puppet theatre shows, children movies, magic and clown shows.

ESTIVAL JAZZ (05.07-07.07)
open air free concerts bringing forth some of the best musicians on the world scene.

WORDS (28.06-22.07)
gives voice to writers and scholars by proposing recitals and meetings in the beautiful framework of the Parco Ciani and in the evocative space of the Ex-Macello Pubblico (former public slaughterhouse).

Click here for the detailed programme: LongLake Festival Lugano 2012 booklet


Anonymous said...

The concert of HAHN-BIN was extraordinary!

Expat with Kids said...

Thanks for the feedback!

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