Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Communicating with my Kids

Following my International Children's Day post, I thought I'd share my enlightenment of this weekend.

My adolescent son is the proud owner of a portable phone since we moved to Paris. He never needed one in Lugano - in my opinon, although my son might beg to differ - since I could see his school out of my front window and hear the boys playing soccer in the schoolyard during breaktime.

Ikr = I know, right?

Anyway, with a new environment come new habits, along with a new phone and a whole new language. It is a language totally new to me. I always insisted my kids spell words out when writing and do NOT use abbreviations. I am sooo outdated! After receiveing various cryptic messages from Expat boy I needed to reseach some basic internet slang so I could communicate with my own son via SMS and WhatsApp. Did you know the latest abbreviations? Here goes.

UCAP - Up Close and Personal
HF - Have Fun
YDU - You Don't Understand
HTBT - Had To Be There
WHYB - Where Have You Been?
IDWTK - I Don't Want to Know
KMU - Keep Me Updated
TMMS - That Made Me Smile
OCN - Of Course Not
JLUK - Just Letting You Know
HAYT - How Are You Today?
IDWT - I Don't Want To
IHYDM - I Hope You Don't Mind

Did you know that according to the Urban Dictionary Moms is a respectful term for a parent? I won't go any further.....

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