Wednesday, June 20, 2012

15 activities to do with your kids this summer

Need some inspiration for summer activities? Here is a list of things to do this summer, that won't break the bank. Have fun!

1.  Build a fort, go to nearby woods, gather sticks, broken branches, etc. build a fort, or house this will provide days worth of enjoyment both in the gathering/building/playing inside.

2. Take a nature walk.. take along a journal, let the kids bring cameras, then go home, identify everything your photographed, create a nature book. That's a whole other day's activities (paper, photos, glue, scissors, notebook) this is especially good saved for a rainy day.

3.  Take an  "Alphabet tour"... again camera(s) in hand, journals - letter guides for younger kids - drive to town/city - begin with the letter a (Apple street) b (building) c (colosseum) d(dairy queen) e(eatery) you get the drift - when you are done - each child has a personal and creative alphabet memory book.

4.  Make homeade ice cream.  Make popcicles, smoothies, ice cream sundaes.

5.  Go to an outdoor concert or cinema.

6.  Cook with your kids but let them plan it, be apart of the shopping, table setting - make dessert!

7.  Host a cooking party - invite some friends - have each mom bring a few ingredients and spend the day making cookies, treats, etc. (maybe you know someone who could use some extra love and attention - make a whole meal with these friends, let the kids make cards, and go make someones day brighter and happier).

8.  Go fly a kite (why not make them first).

9.  Make an obstacle course out of your back yard and have races.

10. Tour a chocolate factory:

11. Blow up Diet coke with mentos:

12.  Make Taffy.

13. Have a pajama day, enjoy movies and popcorn (great for a rainy day).

14. Travel around the world. Have English scones for breakfast, Chinese Stir Fry for lunch, Italian for dinner.

15. Camp in your back yard.

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