Monday, February 27, 2012

Stay Connected to Expat with Kids

"Your blog is your unedited version of yourself."

Ever since I started my Lugano blog, one of the things that fascinated me most was a feature called "Google Friend Connect". Basically it lets you click "Follow" on the Blogger tab if you like a blog.

And wow, it opened a whole new world to me. I could browse through all the blogs that tickled my fancy - and had therefore connected with - by going down my personalized reading list.

I must have been saying something right, something funny and/or something noteworthy since over 100 people are following my Expat with Kids blog about Lugano. This gives me tremendous motivation and is one of the things that keeps me going. For that, "Google Friend Connect" followers, I thank you from the bottom of my happy heart.

I recently found out that blogger is removing this feature effective March 1, 2012, this means if you follow me through "Google Friend Connect", chances are beginning March you won't be able to receive updates from me. The good news for “Blogger” (Google hosted blogs) is that it does not appear that they will be losing GFC.  I don’t know what the future holds for that decision since it is clear that Google is not getting out of the product what they had expected.  Read Google’s announcement.

Don't you worry, there are lots of ways to stay connected with Expat with Kids!

See the nice looking row of "Subscribe now" buttons on the sidebar on the top right of my blog? Head on over to it and click one (or it would make me happy if you click and subscribe to all) to keep updated.

It is my greatest wish that those of you that have been kind enough to take an interest and follow through GFC, will make the transition to follow through another avenue.  I will be leaving the GFC at the bottom of my Lugano blog as a reference for publishers while it lasts, but I am asking my faithful followers to use one of the other following options to keep abreast of what is going on at Expat with Kids.

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