Saturday, March 3, 2012

Expat Expo in Lugano

All Expats in Lugano and around. Listen up! Are you ready for the first major exhibition dedicated to Expats in Ticino? Yes, the number of Lugano expats is solwly but steadily growing and now it is time to meet at the first Expat Expo in Ticino.

A very special event is being organized for Sunday, March 11th at the Palazzo dei Congressi in Lugano - the first Expat Expo in Ticino. For some years, these Expos have taken place in other parts of Switzerland. They are impressive events - professional and well organized with a community based atmosphere. Many of the local clubs will be there, along with businesses large and small, schools, and services that cater to the English speaking community.  In total over 60 exhibitors are paticipating. Please spread the word - and plan to stop by! The Expo will take place from 11:00-17:00, and admission is free. For more information, or to register as an exhibitor, please visit

What is Expat-Expo?

Expat-Expo is not just for expats! All English-speakers are welcome to visit the exhibition that guarantees to enhance lifestyle in Switzerland. ..whether you are here for a week or a lifetime...jump in for a day of discovery!

In the space of an afternoon, you will find important goods and services such as doctors, accountants and lawyers, schools and day-care, clubs and churches, even specialty food items and much more.

If you are wondering where to find Expat with Kids - well, I have a confession to make: I am now living in Paris - you will continue to find me online with lots of fun, upbeat, useful, intriguing information at

I would be very happy to post your info and photos on my blog should you wish to send me an update at

Good luck to all of you exhibitors and have fun all of you visitors. I'll be there with my heart and mind!

Venue: The 1st Expat-Expo Lugano
Date: Sunday, March 11th, 2012
Time: 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Where: Palazzo dei Congressi, Piazza Indipendenza 4, Lugano

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