Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Swiss Table manners

Today, I came across a fellow Swiss blogger who had written a post on Swiss table manners. It never even crossed my mind to write about a similar subject but while reading point by point my grin just became wider and wider. Having grown up in Switzerland I can relate to this list on every single point. I often find myself repeating these manners to my children. It starts by saying "please" and "thank you". They are so tired of hearing me telling them to greet people with a handshake and eye contact.

Here are some Swiss table manners that have not changed over the past decades:
1.) Be on time.
2.) Always wait for everybody to be served before starting to eat.
3.) All meals usually begin with the words "Buon Appetito"
4.) If wine is served, wait until the host begins the toast.
5.) When toasting, chink your glass with everybody at the table and look each person in the eyes before drinking.
6.) Keep your wrists on the table, but never your elbows. Do not place your hands in your lap.
7.) Remember to always say please and thank you.
8.) French bread is always torn rather than cut with a knife.
9.) Lift your forearm from the table while moving the fork to your mouth.
10.) Use your left hand for the fork and the right for your knife and gently push food on your fork.
11.) If you are served cheese as a wheel, it should be cut from the centre into slices (as you would slice a pie).
12.) When finished, put your knife and fork parallel to one another on your place as if they were hands on a clock indicating 5:25. If you don't do this, your host will serve you more food.
13.) Finish everything you take on your plate. The Swiss do not appreciate waste.
14.) Carry your empty plate to the sink when you're finished. Sometimes....

Additional children rules: Make sure children wash their hands before meals. Children generally must wait to leave the table until everyone is finished.

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