Monday, June 13, 2011

A pleasant surprise or 100 years of Nivea Creme

A little gesture can go a long way. Nivea's Swiss marketing team have just made my day. Last week I sent an e-mail asking them where I could find my favourite Nivea lipstick. Chantal Thomass Special Edition "Rouge d'Amour". The name says it all, doesn't it just!?

The bad news was that being a special edition, it had gone out of production. HOWEVER, they did send me the one and only sample they had left in the office hoping to make me happy.

Not only did they make me a happy customer, I thought about Carla and Monika (from the Nivea Make-Up team) all day. Having once been a Cosmetic Marketing Manager myself (in a far-away previous life) I remember how tedious those little requests from one little curious or unsatisfied end-customer were, when your daily battle was with distributors, department stores and other big fish. Therefore, a big thank you girls. This post is dedicated to you.

100 years of Nivea Creme:

A gentle revolution took place in the year 1911. With passion and entrepreneurial spirit, pharmacist Dr. Oscar Troplowitz, dermatologist Professor Dr. Paul Gerson Unna and chemist Dr. Isaac Lifschütz put their inquiring minds together to share their know-how and intuitive feel for the skin's needs to develop a cream that would revolutionise the world of skin care.

Lifschütz’s earlier discovery – an emulsifier called Eucerit – made the impossible possible. For the first time ever, it permitted the combination of water and oil into a stable emulsion. Enriched with moisturising lipids, oils and delicate fragrance components, a snow-white legend was born that went on to write brand history.

Customer connectivity, innovative strength and team spirit are the reasons why NIVEA was the first skin care cream to enjoy world-wide fame.

Nivea Creme's trendy new international spokesperson is Rihanna. The flamed-haired chanteuse newest single, California King Bed, serves as the theme song for Nivea’s 100 Years Skincare for Life campaign commercials, which you can see below.

It looks good and it makes people around the world look good. It’s versatile and has many talents. Its fragrance arouses childhood memories and it doesn’t need to chase fast-lived trends. It’s perfect just the way it is – a classic and timeless product that is now 100 years old:

Happy Centennial Nivea Creme!


Made in Suisse said...

And don't you just love the blue and white tin?!

Expat with Kids said...

Nivea is one of the best recognized brands world-wide thanks to that little blue tin. ;)

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