Saturday, June 25, 2011

Celebrate Lugano's ESTIVAL and LONGLAKE

As of last weekend the center road along the lake of Lugano is closed off to traffic on Friday and Saturday evenings much to the locals' delight. This is a clear sign that summer has begun in Lugano. Despite the weather I might add. Families, lovebirds, teeneagers, musicians, streetartists, local ice cream and souvenir vendors all gather to have a jolly ol'time down by the picturesque lakeside of Lugano.

“estivaLugano” Festival has been organized by The Youth and Events Department (Dicastero Giovani ed Eventi - DGE) for 15 years now. “estivaLugano” is full of events that overlook the lakefront of Lugano during its most beautiful season - summer. The streets will be closed to the traffic every Friday and Saturday night from mid-June (Fri June 17th) to the end of August (Sat August 27th).

The DGE is involved in the areas of cultural events, leisure services and work. Most of the activities come in close contact with young people and are also conducted by young people. During these eleven weekends about 60 events are to be held. “estivaLugano” continues to offer music, theater, cabaret, dance and entertainment ranging from world music, jazz, folk, reggae and often involving artists and companies from Ticino. On Sundays the Park will host storytellers for children and concerts of classical music. The areas of activity range from Piazza Manzoni to the Rivetta Tell and the Parco Ciani.
Click here to find all the details of this summer programme as well as the estivaLugano website.
“estivaLugano” presents a new concept this year called “LongLake.” In the period between June 22 and August 1, 2011 the programme will intensify, involving also other events meant to enliven the city center. LongLake counts 170 events, all free, with rare exceptions duly reported in the calendar. Click here for Longlake programme.
Summing up the events of “LongLake” and “estivaLugano” the offer counts 230 shows. That is one big brilliant achievment for Lugano if you ask me.
Anybody who lives in Lugano knows what a lovely experience an evening stroll along the “riviera” of Lake Lugano can be, especially when savouring a home-made “gelato” (ice-cream). So what are you waiting for? Grab your kids, forget about bedtime (we’re on holidays, remember?) and head down to the lake tonight.

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