Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ever heard of Freaker USA ?

Need a funky, groovy post to cheer you up during this rainy autumn-like day?
Check out this freaky video by Freaker to promoter a beverage cooler. Sounds freaky? Well, it actually is BUT exhilaratingly fresh and original.

Freaker USA is a North Carolina based company that is on the forefront of keeping your bottles cool and your hands more comfortable! Zach Crain and the Freaker Team are pursuing the American dream of preventing all moist handshakes with their patent pending product the "Freaker". Freakers are nationally recognized as the one-size-fits-all knit coozie that functionally makes your beverage feel special. Presented in myriad of prismatic designs, the Freaker is a strong, tight knit that keeps your liquids insulated in style.

Q to Zach: Can the Freaker really fit on everything?
A: One size fits all, baby! Our family friends use them for toddler bottles! Our healthy friends use them for sports bottles! Our generous friends use them for gifts of wine! And our debaucherous friends have them on 40 oz of bum wine!

Designer: Zach Crain (United States)
Manufacturer: Freaker USA Inc (United States)
Material: Yarn, spandex
Colours: All
Price: $9 US dollars

For more info click here.

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