Thursday, February 24, 2011

Facts & Stats about Lugano

“My rank is the highest known in Switzerland: I'm a free citizen.”
George Bernard Shaw

Swiss Population: 7'782'900 (2009)
Percentage of foreigners: 21.7%

Population of Canton Ticino: 335'720
Percentage of foreigners: 25%

Lugano's population: 58'658 (2010)
Percentage of foreigners: 38% (Italy, Portugal, Serbia, Germany, Bosnia, Kosovo)
Divorces: 334

National Swiss Languages:
German - 63.7%
French - 19.2%
Italian - 7.6%
Romansch - 0.6%
Other - 8.9%

The Ticino with an area of 2,812, or 6.8% of the total area of Switzerland is the only Swiss Canton entirely situated south of the Alps.

The major towns of the Canton are Lugano, Locarno, Bellinzona, Chiasso and Mendrisio.

Full time employment rate (women): 42.8%
Full time employment rate (men): 87.1%
Part time employees (women): 57.2%
Part time employees (men): 12.9%
Unemployment rate: 3.7%
Employed foreigners that cross the border every day: 22%

The gross Cantonal product surpasses 10 billion Euro and represents 3.8% of the Gross National Product. For a population of 335,000, the per capita Gross National Product is 30,000 Euro.

Roman Catholic: 67.9%
Swiss Reformed Church: 5.7%
Other churches: 17.8%
N/A: 8.6%

Health insurance:
Every resident is required by law to have the minimum Swiss health insurance coverage. The standard of medical care in Switzerland is very high, with short waiting lists and world-class hospitals.

Did you know that the Swiss are the world's recycling champions? They recycle more than 90% of their bottles and jars!


Egle B said...

how small is Lugano... I was convinced it had at least 80k inhabitants :))

Expat with Kids said...

One day maybe.....;)

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