Monday, May 8, 2017

Zürich is my home town

Feeling at home as soon as I step onto the plane in Charles de Gaulle airport

Thank YOU for letting me take three!!!

Looking down the river Limmat

Walking through the old town

View from the Lindenplatz

Hurray, the National circus Knie is in town

Memories of my childhood 

Old-fashioned window bars 

Zurich's symbol: the Grossmünster Church

St. Peter's Church with one of Europe's biggest clocks

Fraumünster Church famous for its Chagall windows...

... but there is much ...

... much more to be discovered!

Birchermüesli for breakfast...

... Chocolate for lunch...

... and Luxemburgerli for dinner! 

One of the many public lidos where I spent so many hours of my youth swimming in the lake.

Loving the Swiss vibes from a very familiar place.

Time to fly back to Paris.

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