Thursday, May 18, 2017

10 family dinner question about moving

Late spring is the most delicate season for expats. It is the period when you are in limbo between knowing you will need to leave your current home at the end of the school year but having to sit out the time until you actually move to the new destination.

Here are ten family dinner questions in the weeks before you move to help open up the worries, concerns and excitement that the whole family is feeling for the upcoming move. Make sure each family member gets equal chance to answer. Parents and children alike, but try and get the children to start with their answers. This is a great way to animate lively and insightful conversations that will help you all understand where the rest of the family is at. Research the questions together that you can't answer and start solidifying your team spirit as a family. You'll need it once you get to the other end.

1.) What have been the best things that have happened here?
2.) Do you think we can do these things in our new location?
3.) What activities do you want to continue doing?
4.) Are there new things you would like to try at the new location?
5.) Moving means lots of changes. Sometimes we worry about things that will be new or different. Do you have some worries?
6.) How do you think we can help each other lessen our worries?
7.) Are you excited about moving?
8.)  What do you think will be different?
9.) What do you think you will like about the new location and its culture?
10.) Do you need help to work out the best way to say farewell to friends?

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