Sunday, February 28, 2016

Lost in reverie

Back in Paris, sitting at my desk, I am prone to serious homesickness after a smashing week's skiing in Switzerland. It happens every year. It takes me a few days to return to the city rhythm leaving behind the stunning views, beautiful sunshine, crisp fresh air, peaceful silence and pleasant local welcoming pace of the Swiss mountains. We will be back next year...

A glorious day to start off our holiday

Swiss energy ski break on the top of the mountain

You know you're in Switzerland when you come across one of these lamps on top of a mountain 

Returning to the bottom of the valley at the end of a fabulous day of skiing

This is how the village got its name... the red mountain

L'église du village

Typical chalet from the "Pays d'Enhaut"

What's left of our snowman

Time for a real Swiss treat: hot chocolate with whipped cream

Local window ornaments

How cool is this window display?

Seriously tempting... can you smell the cinnamon? 

Oh no, the weather has taken a turn for the worst... time to go home!

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