Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A new Research Library on Swiss Studies at FUS

Two weeks ago Prof Steinberg visited Franklin University in Lugano to lecture on Ticino and why the Canton has always chosen to remain Swiss whenever it has been tempted by events around it.

Thanks to the generosity of this renowned historian, former Chair of the Department of History at the University of Pennsylvania and formerly also at Cambridge University, Franklin University Switzerland now hosts a new collection of 2300 books about Switzerland and Swiss studies at the disposal of the Franklin community and the general public.

The new book collection, previously hosted at the University of Pennsylvania, includes periodicals, journal articles and books focusing on Switzerland and its history, politics, and culture. The generous donation was officially acknowledged at a ceremony held on Tuesday, 2 Feb 2016.

In acknowledging the gift, FUS President Greg Warden said: "Universities are repositories of knowledge, and Franklin is honored to have been offered the opportunity to house a comprehensive compendium of publications on Switzerland and Swiss studies as part of its library."

On his part, Professor Steinberg said: "Giving up your library is like sending your infant child to school – you turn around, and it’s not there anymore. But I am very happy that my Swiss collection is going to Franklin, as I know it will be in good hands. I hope you will read and enjoy these books."

So, if you feeling inspired, why not pop by Franklin University Switzerland and find out more about your home/host country?

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