Saturday, February 13, 2016

Get involved with GoEco App

Current mobility patterns are dominated by car use, even though a number of alternative and energy-efficient mobility options are already available. So why don’t you go to work by bike more often? Why don’t you use public transport, find yourself some car pooling partners or apply for a car sharing program? You don’t know how to best do it? The GoEco! app created by SUPSI & ETH can help you make this transformation happen. Become more sustainable: GoEco!

GoEco! seeks to overcome traditional awareness-raising approaches and, by taking advantage of the wide acceptance of smartphones and tablets, proposes an innovative, community-based approach, directly addressing citizens and their everyday mobility choices.

GoEco! will conduct a study with 800 users from Canton Ticino and the City of Zurich. By taking part in their study, you will have the opportunity to test the GoEco! smartphone app which helps you to make your mobility lifestyle more sustainable. The GoEco! app tracks your trips and uses game elements to challenge you to modify your mobility behavior. You will learn how to become more sustainable and you can even compete with your friends to find out who is the best.

If you wish to get the GoEco! app click here:

The GoEco! app experience nudges you to:
- understand how you travel,
- define your personal goals for change and get personalized suggestions;
- see your progress week after week;
- share your experience with friends and other users and compare your performances with them.

If you are interested in joining the GoEco! experience, please fill in the "Get involved" form.
Click here for more info: and become a GoEco! citizen!

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