Sunday, July 6, 2014

Voilà ma Suisse!

Now, here is a summer project if ever there was one: "Voilà ma Suisse".

Ever heard of a crowdsourcing project? Until October 2014, you can borrow one of ten Mazda cars - kitted out for filming, thanks to streetview cameras - and film your favorite spots in Switzerland on a trip up to 30km.

Discover a colourful, multi-faceted Switzerland, like you've never seen before. Become part of Switzerland, reserve your trail along with the Street View car of your choice and tell your own story. Do you know an exceptional story, a special place or an adventourous track? Then go ahead and contribute!

Photos and personal videos are obviously welcome, since the idea is to share your unique experiences, favourite spots and personel tips on social networks and the internet.

To participate, you must register. I highly recommend you visit the site "This is my Switzerland". Click here and let the fun begin:

The only little hick is that the site is in Switzerland's three Official languages and not in English!

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