Friday, July 18, 2014

Container Lugano: a beach in the city

Feel like sticking your toes in the sand? Look no further, just head towards Lugano's lakeside (La Riva Caccia) and look out for one or more maritime containers. Yes, the sort that you see unload and load on ships in ports all over the world. To do what? To turn them into mini-beaches, such as is seen in Paris, for example.

Inspired by the great cities of Europe, Lugano also will have its own container of emotions. Appetizers and trendy music will be featured during a non-stop, action-packed 16-day programme.
Their facebook page has caused quite some hype in town as has their advertising campaign.

Have I peaked your curiosity? Well, it all starts tomorrow, July 19th, 2014. The grand Opening will be at 17:00. You'll experience Lugano's first Beach Bar ever. Have fun!

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