Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day inspiration ....

Would you be my Valentine 
Would you be my sweetheart 
Could I be the only one 
You hold dear to your heart 

Would you be my Valentine 
Would you be my friend 
Could we stay together 
Until the very end 

Would you be my Valentine 
Would you hold me tight 
Could we even possibly 
Be each others guiding light 

Would you be my Valentine 
Could your love light shine 
And on this special Valentines 
(Norman Hale jr) 

Quick, there is still time to reserve your table for tonight! Below are a few tips and facts to give you an idea what you are letting yourself into. 

You can find more fun facts about Valentine's Day here
Find out if a box of chocolates will do the trick here
If you are looking for restaurants scroll down and check out my restaurant links half-way down the right sidebar.
Or maybe you'd rather stay at home and make a heavenly chocolate soufflé?



Anonymous said...

For the first year in 15 years of marriage..we told "best Wishes" (Manu)

Expat with Kids said...

Grazie mille, cara mia!

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