Sunday, February 17, 2013

Expat Store delivers to Lugano

Feeling homesick? In search of some comfort food? Fancy that dish from back home? My Expat Shop solves all your whims and cravings.

From Vegemite to Betty Crocker butter cream icing. From Peri-Peri to Cajun Sauce. From real pork sausages to Ella's kitchen smoothies. From Twiglets to PG Tips. All at the tip of your fingers via e-shopping.

MyExpatshop is the British Food Online Shop delivering over 600 of your favourite British food products to your home in Switzerland.

Fresh products are shipped Monday through Wednesday only so that your order will arrive before the weekend.
For over 5 years, MyExpatShop has followed their basic principles by providing a wide and varied choice or products and first class service.

They have worked to bring you those hard to find items at the best price. Real English Bacon, high quality British Cheeses such as Extra Mature Vintage Cheddar and Christmas Crackers are just part of the growing list.

You can pay either at the time of placing your order, or when your order is delivered to by you using the Swiss Post Office Giro (pink payment slip) that is included in the package.

Getting the munchies? Go ahead and enter your Expat Store here.

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