Thursday, October 11, 2012 - in search of an alternative holiday

Looking for holiday destinations close to nature and far away from the masses? Searching for insider tips with or without childcare, authentic cuisine and real, lasting holiday's experiences for the whole family? Kidstravel is your answer.

Holiday destinations in natural surroundings are particularly called for in our hectic and fast–paced day and age, with ecological factors playing an increasing role in tourism. If you are searching for an unusual experience which includes smells and fascination, Kidstravel will find your port of call.

If you happen to be in Zurich in pursuit of suitable ideas and suggestions - as well as a child–friendly environment at a tourist office where there are coloured pencils, toys, books and juice for the little ones - just stop by at the Spiegelgasse 11 downtown.

Outside of Zurich, the website ( will provide you with a wide variety of in–depth information regarding going on holiday with children. A real treat is the list of the most interesting links and unusual link listings for outings in Switzerland and elsewhere. Unfortunately the site is in German, but you can always give them a call at Tel. 044 262 55 44.

So, get moving. The autumn holidays are just around the corner!

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