Saturday, October 27, 2012

Expat with Kids celebrates 2nd birthday!

Happy Birthday to Expat with Kids!!!

Today two years ago I sat down and challenged myself to set up a blog. Little did I know that it would follow me through part of my life...literally. I am no computer specialist, so during the first months I learnt by trial and error. A great deal of Googling and YouTubing went on to produce Lugano's first English guide for Expats and Locals. The aim was to provide infomation as well as entertainment for the Lugano community: natives as well as foreigners! 

Yesterday my hubby asked me what I had earned over the past 24 months. The answer is lots of acquaintances, fellow bloggers' exchange and even a few friends. Facts, figures, knowledge and enlightment were all picked up along my blogging journey. My challenge was to turn the Expat with Kids site into a success without spending a single franc. On the other hand I refused to advert because I have no intention of making any money much to my hubby's despair.

I enjoy blogging. I enjoy writing about Lugano - a town we called home for five years. The truth is we moved to Paris over a year ago and I am STILL blogging about Lugano. We come "home" regularly and I am sitting in Lugano while I am typing my birthday post and am happy as punch!

So, thank you, all my loyal followers, occassional readers, helpful fellow bloggers and supportive friends for accompanying me on my journey over the past two years.


Ute said...

Congratulations! I love your blog. Lo seguo sempre con molto interesse e tanta nostalgia!

DrieCulturen said...

Hello, congratulations from one blogger to the other!!! I agree with you that blogging is great fun, just wondering is it a little addictive? I am glad that you have written about third culture kids on your blog.

Expat with Kids said...

Thank you ladies. Just for the record: I am definately addicted to blogging!

Blanca said...

Love it! You are so committed, so enthusiastic.
Me encanta compartir este camino contigo, lo que hemos aprendido, y lo que nos falta!!! Como te dije en mi blog, we are blogging sisters.
Keep it up!!!

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