Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sweet memories of Parco Ciani

Today would have been an ideal today for a stroll through Parco Ciani .... in my mind! I am stitting in drizzly, rainy Paris and wondering when I will next spot the sunshine. My kids refuse to visit yet another museum and my hubby (exceptionally) had to work this weekend.

So, as my mind drifts back to the lake of Lugano, I imagine myself taking a deep breath of fresh, crisp air that forebodes the snow! I close my eyes and .... see for yourself...

In 1912, the Parco Ciani estate was bought by the city of Lugano for more than 1.5 million francs. Professor Angelo Pizzorno made this comment in Consiglio Comunale (council meeting) :"This is not crazy pointless luxury; it is a shrewd investment by a city whose moral and economic standing is due in great part to the assets of its natural beauty."

For me this 63,000 square metre park constitutes the city’s green lung where I can recover from the hustle and bustle of everyday life as I walk along paths lined by magnificent centuries-old trees. And when the sun shines .... it is pure luxury!

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