Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mystery shopper in Lugano

Love to shop? I mean SERIOUS upmarket shopping. Imagine striding into the shops you normally wouldn't step into. Curious to have a peek?

Well, this is the opportunity for you.

Albatross Global Solutions is a marketing services provider dedicated to understanding affluent and well established customers as well as improving premium and luxury brands’ performance.

They regularly carry out several missions for fashion and luxury watch brands. They are currently looking for Mystery Shoppers in Lugano. This is your chance!

Businesses are increasingly discovering the importance of customer satisfaction. Faced with countless options, customers expect increasingly high levels of service quality. Further, companies need to know the service standards being followed by employees and whether internal company guidelines are being implemented.

As a mystery shopper, your role would be to go to the assigned stores and to pretend to be looking for a product for yourself or for a gift. You will simply let the Sales Person help you and introduce some models to you. In the end, there is no purchase to be made and you will leave the store.
Within 24 hours, you will fill out an online questionnaire to give your impressions regarding the shop environment and the customer service.

Mystery shopping is a mission based job. You can perform your visit(s) anytime as long as you respect our deadline. It doesn't differ much from regular shopping; you will just need to fill out a questionnaire at the end.

If you have ever wanted to give your opinion regarding customer service delivered in luxury stores, then these missions are for you!

To create your account, go to our website and click on ‘Become a shopper’, then email Mecah Cozzi at so that she can follow up on your application.


anieb said...

Nice Blog about Mystery Shopping..Mystery Shopping at Lugano I think it's very interesting and funny thing and if i am right albatross Global Solution is provide the best marketing service.Good to know about your blog i have read your article and i am very inspired from you ideas i will visit very soon again with new ideas hope you soon update your blog with new and latest info.
Thanks for post.
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Expat with Kids said...

Thanks for leaving a comment and attaching your retail site. Hope to see you on my blog soon again. ;)

Sample questionnaire said...

Great post on Mystery Shopping at Lugano. Extremely well documented with valid points.
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Mac said...

A Mystery Shopper goes into establishments and poses as a regular customer. While there they may make a purchase, ask questions or make a return. After the visit the mystery shopper completes an evaluation report that summarizes their interaction during their visit. Mystery Shopping is used so companies can find out how their employees interact with customers.

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Mystery Shopper Services said...

Brilliant post! Your pointers can be a great help for those who want to give mystery shopping a try. Thanks for sharing this in your blog!

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