Sunday, January 8, 2012

7 parenting tips for today's parents

“While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.”

We all know it isn't easy to be a parent in this day and age but my motto has always been: "Follow your gut instinct, add lots of love, give them firm guidelines and listen to your kids when they talk to you."

Following are a few practical parenting tips that work for me:

1.) Prepare children for a world with great diversity by teaching respect & tolerance.
2.) Give them opportunities to make responsible decisions, to gain self-esteem.
3.) Encourage & praise. But do not be afraid to discipline, to limit freedom of action.
4.) Let your children know you are always ready to listen to their questions & problems.
5.) Provide sex education & guidance.
6.) Offer love that is unconditional but not over-indulgent.
7.) Never abuse or allow others to abuse children physically or emotionally.


Salma @ Chasing Rainbow said...

Great tips. I think about these things every single day.

Happy New Year!

DrieCulturen said...

Thanks. I like this list especially the one about giving children the opportunity to make responsible decisions. I think this is so important in a world with so many choices. Especially for expat kids (or third culture kids) because they have even more choices to make, the world lies open for them. When they are adults they can choose whether they will live in Europe, Asia, Australia or...
I would like to add this that it is important to teach children the value of money. I can imagine that it is a challenge when you move to a new country you need to teach the children about the new currency too. From about 8 years old it is good to give children pocket money. They need to be allowed to decide how to use their money.
What's your experience with the money thing and kids?

Expat with Kids said...

We've tried the pocket money but in the end the weekend (when they should receive their pay) comes and goes without pay because we (parents) do not have the right change!!! The grandparents usually save the situtation when they come to visit!!! ;)
However, I do think they have learnt whether something is worth it's price or not. I ask them to compare prices of a certain product from one country to another...that usually sticks in their brain.

Kids Songs said...

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