Thursday, November 17, 2011

Zirkus Knie - a family tradition in every way

 "For the Love of the Circus"
by Cath "Shandy" Carpenter (Clown)

For the love of the Circus.  How much would we give?
Just twenty four hours of each day that I live
Travelling the road with one thought in mind
Each gaff will be better than that left behind.
A mere stretch of road boasting grass nothing more
Will suddenly erupt with excitement galore
and then overnight when we've passed on our way
Just memories remain to tell of our stay.
For the love of the Circus what are the rewards?
No Bouquets, Diploma's or Glittering Awards
Just knee deep in mud - the strength of the gale
Before none of these would my devotion pale.
High out of reach the adrenalin soars
When Children are laughing and hands give applause
Roll up! Roll up! Pay your Money come in
The Elixir of life is about to begin.

 It's the time of year that all kids look forward to. The time of year when the magic hits Lugano. No, I'm not talking about Christmas. This enchantment comes in the form of a circus. A circus that was founded in 1803 and is part of the Swiss patrimony. Each and every year - religiously - Circus Knie tours all through Switzerland with 347 performances and ends its wonderful journey in Lugano.

I usually try to get tickets for the last show because you can feel the special atmosphere of all the artists trying to capture the moment by giving it their very best for their last performance of the season. Also the impressive outer tent, the entrance alley, cashier wagon and the huge KNIE luminous sign that you were so dreamingly looking up to, have all dissappeared by the time you leave the show. All 200 persons from 16 different nations and over 100 animals are on their way home to Rapperswil to get a well-deserved break before starting to pratice for next year's performance.

Don't miss Circus Knie's blog (in French) about last year's adventure while driving back home through the Gotthard tunnel. Click here.

My Dad used to take me to Zirkus Knie - religiously - in Zürich in the spring when I was a little girl. I  thoroughly enjoy keeping up this tradtion by taking my kids to the Circo Knie every fall in Lugano.

So, run! Get your tickets, if you have not done so yet, because the circus is coming to town TONIGHT!!!
Tickets are available online here: ticketcorner or by phone: 0900 800 800.

Venue: Circus Knie
Where: Stadium Cornaredo
When: November 17th to 20th, 2011
Thursday, Nov 17th - 20.15
Friday, Nov 18th - 15.00 / 20.15
Saturday, Nov 19th - 13.30 / 17.00 / 20.30
Sunday, Nov 20th - 10.30 / 14.30 / 18.00


Kristi said...

This brings back sweet memories. I remember taking our 3 kids to Zirkus Knie when we were living outside Zurich. Always a bit magical!

Expat with Kids said...

Well, The circus Knie will still be there the day you come back to visit. Wanna bet?!?

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