Thursday, November 10, 2011

Notte del racconto 2011 - Other worlds

"La notte del racconto" (The Night of story telling) will be held throughout Switzerland on Friday, November 11, 2011.

"La notte del racconto" is based on a simple yet brilliant concept: to tell a story, to read aloud, throughout all of Switzerland, the same night. The idea is to let children and adults enjoy a special moment full of mysterious charm by returning to the ancient tradition of listening and re-inventing a model of communication which has nowadays become rarer and rarer. More importantly still than the natural pleasure of the narrative, it permits to unite generations for a fun event. Story telling, reading aloud, listening, all actions that take on a special and precious value in our time devoted to the image, speed, fragmentation, disintegration, and impatience.

The theme this year will be: OTHER WORLDS

Other worlds, meaning worlds different from ours, are at the base of this year's "Notte del racconto". The theme is broad and allows the organizers (usually schools) to move in diverse contexts: extraterrestrial worlds, fantasy worlds, real worlds, but different from ours (the life of the nomadic people, the Indians, the inhabitants of the North Pole, etc.) fairy worlds or magic worlds are some of the possibilites for those who want to attend the event.

So, don't miss this special moment and check with your local school to see where and when you can catch a mysterious story that will accompany you into your dreams tomorrow night.

Or click here to check for a list of participaring schools in Ticino:
The events marked in yellow are open to the wider public.

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