Sunday, August 12, 2018

The path of Marvels: traces of Ticino's past

The Trail of Marvels is a circular itinerary that starts and ends in Novaggio. Along the marked path that winds through the valley of the Magliasina-river between Novaggio, Ponte di Vello and Aranno, there are several attractions of historical, natural and scenic interest: from the evidence of human activities to a wetland environment abounding in several noteworthy species of flora and fauna. Among the wonders of this trail there are the remains of an old castle and the mines where gold was once extracted.

This trail in the Malcantone region is suitable for families. The entire excursion takes place in the wood, is 7 km long and can be completed comfortably in 4 - 6 hours.

Thirteen markers provide information on a plethora of sights such as:
- the dry-stone walls, which were originally built to denote boundaries and are now redundant
- the Vinèra mill, the traces of the gold and silver mines, which provided employment for a considerable number of people until just before the end of the 19th century
- the terraced fields which were mainly used to grow rye
- the remains of the Miglieglia castle, the Aranno forge, the La Monda mine (Aranno), which mainly contained zinc and sulfur
- the Aranno mill, where locally grown grain and chestnuts were ground
- the Ponte Aranno mine (Novaggio) and the kiln, where tiles and bricks were produced in the past

You can even bring a souvenir home: typical local products at Azienda Agricola Masseria al Ronco (Novaggio) and Azienda Agricola Celso (Miglieglia) are on offer. Should you wish a tour of the mill (Maglio di Aranno) contact Signor Daniele Borin directly at +41 (0)79 609 15 60

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