Thursday, August 9, 2018

Expat with Kids Recipes

My friends know I have a passion for blogging. My Paris blog is a home for all my photos - because you cannot stroll though Paris without taking pictures - as well as an outlet to share my Parisian adventures with the world.

To keep a close link to Switzerland I have also continued my original Lugano blog Expat with Kids, a funky lifestyle website for the English speaking community in Lugano that began back in 2010 as the first English online Ticino guide.

Only few know, that tucked away I own a third blog called Expat with Kids Recipes. I adore recipes and have been collecting them since my teens. A giveaway to my Swiss upbringing is that I have been a loyal subscriber to Betty Bossi since 1996. My recipe blog came to life since I decided to have all my favourite recipes in one place and available online to wherever I travel.

As of late, I have decided to blow some wind into its sails and have revamped the site entirely.

Expat with Kids Recipes are a mix of origins true to my own heritage and travels. You'll find Swiss, American, British, Italian and French recipes. My faible for the Caribbean is also quite apparent in my choice of exotic recipes.

The one thing they all have in common is that they are easy and fast to prepare. Simple ingredients and straight forward directions keep it hassle free and tasty!

My biggest success is definitely the Italian Tiramisù recipe. So, tell me, which is your favourite?

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